request a drawing   eyyy go for it   guys look i do drawings   

i'm seren, a cartoonist/british person/benevolent kraken. i am sick and tired nearly all the time but i mean well.

tell me to draw things and i will probably draw them for you. i am easy like that.

i like puns, kazoos, friendship, tentacles, bioshock, history, ladies, monsters of all habitats, surgery, machines, architecture, cool nature stuff and far too many movies. peter lorre is my mascot. i post nudity and gore and body horror sometimes so if you need me to tag for anything send me an ask. have a great day, y'hear?

drsofialamb asked: that pic of Sofia is from the Adonis luxury resort level where she's on a tv screen in a corner n she looks Hella Hot. but like I can't find the full version where she's sitting back in a chair with "dr lamb" in fancy text in the corner, only the headshot it's stressing me out I need the hot sofia


bruh thats rough im here for u man

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god dammit i wanted to wub “15 year old seren singing part of your world” but its a rly obscure fucked up audio format and wont open in audacity. guess thats a wub for another day. a wub for another time.

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is having an old shitty quality recording of yourself singing “part of your world” somewhere like a universal thing

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"lamb is always watching huh? oh shit i better stop jackin it to her propoganda murals" - toasty

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"jacking off is illegal in utopia. i see you jacking anything thats not ur neighbour’s, i swear to fuck i will torpedo your shit so fast u wont even have time to finish. circlejerks only. together we will end the self" - sofia lamb

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THEY ARE i’m so sorry dear! it’s so late here and my brain is fried so i take ages to reply… i’m so sorry…

HUN ITS NO PROBLEM TAKE AS LONG AS U NEED go have a sleep if u want and reply in the mornin. i just worry about tumblr losing my junk cuz its doin that a lot lately and ppl thinking im ignorin them!

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another good thing about trying new stuff with ur art (digital colouring in my case): who cares if it gets notes because bruh u did the thing, ur improving and learnin new stuff and ur current stuff looks fuckin good, bruh ur winning

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constantly unsure if my fanmails to gilbo are even sending or if im just not getting their replies……pain…………

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What’d you think of infinite itself?

i liked it when i first played it and there are some things i still like about it but overall i have come to accept that it fucking blows

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#alessoffensiveurl  #burial at sea was what propelled me from ''depression'' to ''acceptance'' in my five stages of binfinite grief  #real biotalk 
yume nikki is an important game and helped me a lot, its Gay but There It Is

yume nikki is an important game and helped me a lot, its Gay but There It Is

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(plays burial at sea) heh, this is a real nice load of TRASH, mr LETRASH

(ken levine cannot believe i called him letrash right to his face)

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the worst thing about burial at sea was you got the feeling the writers were trying to address all the (100% JUSTIFIED) complaints people had about daisy’s treatment in infinite, but they did so in the most hamfisted backwards-ass way imaginable and ended up digging the hole they were in a good six feet deeper like. when they announced her for it i was cautiously optimistic because i thought “hey, theres no possible way they could fuck this up WORSE” but i was wrong, oh god, i was so so wrong

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