request a drawing   guys look i do drawings   

i'm seren, a cartoonist/british person/benevolent kraken. i am sick and tired nearly all the time but i mean well.

tell me to draw things and i will probably draw them for you. i am easy like that.

i like puns, kazoos, friendship, tentacles, bioshock, history, ladies, monsters of all habitats, surgery, machines, architecture, cool nature stuff and far too many movies. peter lorre is my mascot. i post nudity and gore and body horror sometimes so if you need me to tag for anything send me an ask. have a great day, y'hear?



every time i see this i laugh so hard i’m in physical pain


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Anonymous asked: My new haircut makes me look like a toe



I like toes.You look good,Chin up,my brother.

You are the King of the jungle

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would you date cock abyss. i’d date cock abyss.

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behold my new creative writing project

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i tried to do some writing but ended up creating an okcupid profile posing as a sentient abyss of cocks

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preview of my infinite remake: liz is the protag and booker is a grizzled middle aged mum she must team up with to escape Floating Trash City. they fight enemies that are actually cool instead of police dudes/revolutionaries we are supposed to hate for questionable reasons. the player get to make choices that actually effect the course of the story. columbia is actually a developed environment like rapture and there are more audio diaries and history and characters u can actually give a shit about other than the luteces. daisy is fleshed out and complex and gets lots of screentime and doesnt get fucking fridged for liz’s character development. the plot is completely different. u can utilize tears in combat and get the option to play stealth mode and not kill anyone and its awesome. songbird gets a backstory and is also revealed to be a girl. 

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every character will get their own sequel so everyone can hang with their fav characters for as long as they please. there will be a smash bros style game where u can make all the characters from all the universes fight. there will be a dating sim. by god there will be a dating sim.

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if i aquire in the future large amounts of fame and creative influence my first move will be to remake bioshock infinite and make it perfect

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why do they let boys make games

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im so angry liz wasnt the protag of infinite. she was the best most enjoyable protag the series has had and she was only in one dlc. im so mad her purpose in infinite was a big experiment in “creating an emotional connection to the player” and the way they went about that was slowly making her a weird perfect baby-wife 

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Meet the Skydiver Liz

"How would Elizabeth look if you wouldn’t have to rescue her?"

Created (and designed) by Angela Bermudez

Artist: DeviantART - Facebook

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This is a rare version of Once Upon a Dream from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (at least, I’ve never heard it). This is such a gorgeous version, I’m not sure why it wasn’t used in some way. Bill Shirley and Mary Costa sing together as Prince Phillip and Aurora. 

Original video here

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a little respect // erasure

i try to discover a little something to make me sweeter
oh, baby, refrain from breaking my heart
i’m so in love with you, i’ll be forever blue
that you give me no reason
why you make me work so hard

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